The Federated Demarchy of Aurey was created when Aurel Kastron Lionheart, along with a "couple of Sporelander rebels" (the crew of the ASY Burgeoning Justice), overthrew the oppressive Sporelander Empire and persuaded the other Colonies into joining a new Federation in Terran Year 5184. They now try their best to behave diplomatically, but when they perceive injustice of any kind, they will leap tail over snout to fix it. They joined the Pan-Stellaris Federation in the Terran Year 5217.

Early HistoryEdit

The FDA began when the captain of the ASY Burgeoning Justice, Aurel Kastron Lionheart, returned from venturing across the local star systems to find the local governments have been subjugated by an oppressive, imperialist autocracy called the Sporelander Empire, and that he and his crew were not documented as formal citizens, but as Slaves. After they left for the Karis Nox colony, they documented 12 essays about the cruelties of the Empire and the ideals of a new Federation, which included the random selection of leaders, the equal voice of all, and a united Military system. These essays came to be known as the Karis Nox Accords.

When they returned to Aurey III, they instigated a spy network called the Hatchlings of Equality to soften the Empire's iron claws, and later led a revolution called the Hatchling Rebellion. When God-Emperor Mesk Querius, the last ruler of the Sporelander Empire, signed a treaty with Lionheart, agreeing to the terms of the Karis Nox Accords, the Federated Demarchy of Aurey was formally established.